Research at the Walters is led by object-based investigations carried out through the multiple lenses of art history, technical analysis, and pedagogy.

There is renewed investment to make this research relevant and accessible online, and in our galleries.

We work together to ensure that the presentation of our collections is informed by the diverse interests of our visitors and readers, and is continuously assessed through evaluative studies.

The nexus of art, scholarship, and access has defined the Walters experience since the days of our founder Henry Walters (1848–1931). Henry opened his collections to scholars and the general public to study and publish the artworks he acquired. Now, as a public museum, the institution is committed to researching and disseminating information about its collections on multiple platforms, including the Walters’ online journal, art collections and manuscripts websites, and educational resources.

While the Walters is a civic museum with a mission to serve a broad audience, it maintains a strong academic commitment. In addition to mentoring fellows and interns at the museum, Walters staff teach at such institutions as Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland Baltimore County, the Maryland Institute College of Art, and Morgan State University.