STEAM Programs

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) programs and resources introduce teachers and students to the role of conservation science in the museum and align with curriculum standards across multiple disciplines.

High School STEAM Days

STEAM Days introduce high school art, history, and science students to museum conservation. The program includes a classroom visit that will introduce students to the museum and to the conservation themes they will explore during their visit to the Walters Art Museum. At the museum, students engage in an overview of conservation science and a virtual tour of the conservation lab. They will also explore art in the galleries with conservators and discuss the conservation processes used to examine and treat museum objects. These hands-on tours highlight interdisciplinary connections between art and science and introduce students to a variety of museum careers.

Online Resources

STEAM centered resources for teachers and students include Integrating the Arts online modules, arts-integrated lesson plans, and activities developed by conservation and education staff. These resources provide practical curriculum-aligned classroom application of museum/conservation content.